An External Independent Audit is a procedure we carry out to officially inspect the organization’s books of account and give our fare and true position of the financial statement. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach of audit engagement by including experienced professionals in forensics, tax, information risk management and valuation.

This approach provides the team with a broad understanding of the organization, and enabling them to focus on key areas of risk, adequacy of internal controls and potential fraud. Statutory audit is provided by Trends and Vision Consultants for clients that are required to comply with specific statutory reporting requirements. Under this we provide the following:

  • Financial Audit
  • Tax Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Investigative/Forensic Audit
  • Information Systems Audit

IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards are being promoted as a single set of high quality, understandable and enforceable global standards. We have vast experience in providing services for enterprises reporting under IFRS and we can assist clients in IFRS implementation thus help them in seizing the opportunities provided by IFRS.

Prospective Reporting Services – Typically provided to existing audit clients who need prospective financial information obtain financing from a bank or through an offering of securities.  This service relates to the development of, presentation of, and reporting on prospective financial information and provides either a report to the regulator or a report to other parties prepared under regulations provided by the regulator.

Other forms of Audit and Attestation Reporting – Include Non-Financial Audit services, Royalty Audit and other forms of self reporting. Our Non-Financial Audit services helps clients how to define, capture and report on non-financial indicators to help them find new ways to safeguard their reputations, build trust among their stakeholders and ultimately improve their corporate performance.